Washington Post Crossword Answers July 11th 2017

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Clue Solution
Normal usual
Gives forth emits
Loathe detest
Ran as dye bled
Genius Albert ____ einstein
Mogul ____ Turner ted
Agree assent
Stop cease
Opposer resister
Buffalo’s waterfront erie
Helps aids
Get together meet
Ark’s captain noah
Donkey ass
Angers enrages
Journey part leg
Lettuce unit head
Choir singer alto
Words of comprehension (2 wds.) isee
Fit of anger snit
Elegant posh
Santa’s time yule
Most destitute neediest
Octopus arm tentacle
Made a lap sat
Fragrant flower rose
Soft metal tin
Go to bed retire
Eggnog spice nutmeg
Takes five rests
Not fresh stale
Robbery heist
Loiters idles
Treaty pact
Farm unit acre
At that time then
Gulfs bays
Never used new
Mr. Claus santa
Alpha’s follower beta
Dairy product cream
Identical same
Falsehoods lies
Scary eerie
Single thing unit
Make ____ meet ends
Stage remark aside
Goes to attends
Least hard easiest
Rodeo rope lasso
Verb forms tenses
Skills talents
Asian language thai
007 e.g. spy
Inheritor heir
Long fishes eels
Part of speech noun
Tiny insects gnats
Rank rate
Man or Wight isle
Bicycle part gear
Bambi’s mom doe
Biblical "you" thee
Capital of New Jersey trenton
Most arid driest
Fish delicacy sushi
Doctor’s client patient
Assisted a crook abetted
Hurts aches
Ancient Peruvian inca
Send a letter mail
Wave top crest
Count (on) rely
Other than else
Circus shelter tents
Rams’ mates ewes
Receives gets
Expended used