Washington Post Crossword Answers July 12th 2017

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Clue Solution
Donkey’s cry bray
Deeds acts
Trio number three
Our star sun
Journey taker traveler
Mexican water agua
Midler or Davis bette
More transparent clearer
Not fake real
Relaxation ease
Happily ____ after ever
Fur pelt
Scandinavian capital oslo
More sugary sweeter
Branch of math algebra
Delhi’s country india
Young people teens
Hit show smash
Sailboat sloop
Arrange sort
Hurricane storm
Aquatic animal otter
Nuzzles noses
Butter substitute oleo
Exhibition riding dressage
Made created
Legendary story myth
Takes five rests
Stockholm resident swede
Dull drab
____ McEntire of country music reba
Woeful cry alas
Tick’s kin mite
Dog’s name spot
Detail item
Flower support stem
Orderly tidy
Space between teeth gap
Impudent child brat
Get up rise
Crawl creep
Affluent rich
Craving urge
Depart leave
Space traveler astronaut
Painter’s stand easel
Positive responses yeses
Large tank vat
Vigilant alert
Besides else
Hearing organ ear
That thing’s its
Night birds owls
Instruction lesson
Movie fish nemo
Elongated fish eel
Cavern grotto
Bargain deal
Wash away erode
Deteriorates rots
Butterfly e.g. insect
Globe orb
Sycamore or oak tree
On land ashore
Salon treatment perm
Mr.’s mate mrs
Be mistaken err
States says
Stage offering drama
Road curve ess
Turn twist
Kindled again relit
Pasta type spaghetti
Diminish abate
Roman garment toga
Ownership paper deed
Stationed based
Stride step
Television award emmy
Pierce stab