Washington Post Crossword Answers July 13th 2017

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Clue Solution
In the center of amid
Midterm e.g. exam
Least possible minimal
Butter or jam spread
Placed laid
Margins edges
Fabric pattern print
Media mogul ____ Turner ted
Guiding person leader
She in Madrid ella
Sharp blow slap
Try out test
Blood vessels arteries
____ Revenue Service internal
Nordic capital oslo
The British ____ isles
Gleamed shone
Tardier later
Tree juices saps
Best ideal
Glue paste
Go inside enter
Links gadget tee
Martial ____ arts
Athletic event meet
Begin again restart
Make possible enable
Least wild tamest
Squirrels’ homes trees
1984 and 2001 years
Skinny thin
Decorate anew redo
Steamy appliance iron
Teen skin problem acne
Insult slur
Explorer Marco ____ polo
Sow seed
"Harper Valley ____" pta
Excuse me! ahem
Rabbit’s kin hare
"____ we forget" lest
Long skirt maxi
Juan’s father padre
She in Lyon elle
Persia now iran
Inflexible rigid
What a pity! alas
____ Moore of "G.I. Jane" demi
Adam’s abode eden
Conform adapt
Actress ____ Farrow mia
Shop store
Hawaiian ____ islands
Zebra marking stripe
Commandment verb shalt
Dickens title beginning (2 wds.) atale
Rather or Aykroyd dan
Parking place lot
Monarch emperor
Detroit time zone (abbr.) est
Wind direction (abbr.) ene
Adjust again reset
Angry irate
Unruffled serene
Pittsburgh player steeler
Dapper natty
Mule’s kin ass
Test trial
Paper measure ream
Chef’s measures (abbr.) tsps
Food seasoning herb
Freedom from war peace
Burn-soothing plant aloe
False god idol
Shore birds terns
Reign rule
Not any none
Desirable quality asset
Walked upon trod
Slumbered slept