Washington Post Crossword Answers July 16th 2017

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Clue Solution
Corned beef dish hash
____ gap generation
Holds has
Most skillful ablest
Rod and ____ reel
Church service mass
Fish delicacy sushi
Hollywood hopeful starlet
Vocation career
Locality area
Agent 007 bond
Remain stay
Lamb’s mom ewe
Employed used
Ship’s pole spar
Reads quickly scans
Thick soup puree
At rest idle
Flower feature petal
Restlessness impatience
Colander sieve
Sheik’s wives harem
Bus money fare
Prayer finale amen
Japan’s continent asia
Appetizer starter
Wake up arouse
Aquatic animals otters
Croc’s kin gator
Not him her
Soup containers cans
Band instrument oboe
"____ of the Flies" lord
Physique body
Soothing plant aloe
Scored on serve aced
Koppel and Kennedy teds
Ventilate air
Elevated high
Words of understanding (2 wds.) isee
Nature’s bandages scabs
Between ports asea
Suitor beau
Fortuneteller’s card tarot
Without meaning senseless
Sports venue arena
Giggle sound hee
____ corgi welsh
Prepared ready
Feels remorse rues
Man or Wight isle
Resorts spas
Summit tip
Expire perish
Comely cute
Trim meat defat
"Mamma ____!" mia
Desertlike arid
Church feature altar
Impersonator aper
Keanu Reeves role neo
Greasy streak smear
Conserve save
Branch of Congress senate
Zodiac sign leo
News story item
Pealed rang
Asian language thai
Use crayons color
Decrease abate
Dine eat
Concerning about
Acceptance of others tolerance
From Oslo norse
Perfume odor
Like some tea iced
Passover meal seder
Seeded breads ryes
Lipstick shades reds
Appendages arms