Washington Post Crossword Answers July 5th 2017

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Clue Solution
Window blind shade
National bird eagle
Mild expletive drat
Cooking container steamer
Naples natives italians
Competitor rival
Snarl knot
Underground drain sewer
Surprise astonish
Chowder ingredient clam
Alaskan port nome
Water container ewer
Iowa crop corn
Regions areas
Not shallow deep
Beige ecru
Stair section step
Concluded over
Notorious emperor nero
Televises airs
Approvals oks
Dolt idiot
Least quiet noisiest
Approved endorsed
500 sheets ream
Casual tops (hyph.) tshirts
Coffee type for short decaf
Actress ____ Davis bette
Egypt’s capital cairo
Beginning onset
Necessities needs
Sch. groups ptas
Actor ____ Idle eric
Decorate again redo
Quality of sound tone
Manicure target nail
Casts off sheds
Annoys irks
Actress ____ Hunt helen
Valentine symbol heart
Fork feature tine
Gradual slow
Aquatic plants algae
Attest avow
Domesticated tame
Letter before epsilon delta
Tardy arriver latecomer
Compass point (abbr.) ene
Send mail
____ Howard of "Happy Days" ron
Time period era
Goes by taxi rides
Stop ____ dime (2 wds.) ona
Nevada town reno
Beetle e.g. insect
Blood vessel vein
Inquired asked
Not there here
Baseball blunders errors
Bad mood snit
Baby dog pup
____ O’Donnell of TV rosie
Pedro’s "two" dos
Downhearted sad
Two together both
Pro and ____ con
Boundary perimeter
Ridiculous inane
Dogwood or palm tree
Folding beds cots
Elevate raise
Assists aids
Feed the kitty ante
Fatigued tired
Glasgow native scot
Nourish feed
Coin openings slots
Teen’s woe acne