Washington Post Crossword Answers July 7th 2017

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Clue Solution
Chows down eats
Napoleon ____ bonaparte
Fixed gaze stare
TV part screen
Raw mineral ore
Property claims liens
Wipe out completely obliterate
Scattered strewn
Not this that
Zodiac sign aries
Put back to zero reset
Very small teeny
Tolerated stood
Niche nook
Quit stop
Vatican VIP pope
Outward look appearance
Ignore shun
____-service self
Electric fish eel
____ span attention
Shredded torn
Love deity eros
____ wave tidal
Ring loudly peal
Defeated ones losers
Snuggle nestle
Hair location scalp
____ energy solar
Upper class elite
Curse swear
Highway exits ramps
Supplements ekes
Jazz’s ____ Fitzgerald ella
Bottomless deep
Frazier’s rival ali
Recedes ebbs
Perform alone solo
Commence start
Radar spot blip
Nursery item crib
Trio number three
Rocker ____ Turner tina
Rod’s companion reel
Salary boost raise
Scanty sparse
Nearly a score nineteen
Baseball’s ____ Rose pete
Store away stow
Pig’s pad sty
Health club spa
____ roll (2 wds.) ona
Many years eons
Chest torso
Fringe benefit perk
Loathe hate
Made a choice opted
Tiny vegetable pea
Private teacher tutor
Pare peel
Skin pelt
Beginning part intro
Pet pest flea
Finale end
Certain dashes ens
Compass point (abbr.) sse
Paddles oars
Work for earn
Cabbage dish coleslaw
Scheduled slated
Similar alike
Cool! neat
5280 feet mile
Subsequently later
Summon call
Warsaw native pole
Printing ____ press
Buffalo’s canal erie
Metal fastener snap
Loads (2 wds.) alot