Washington Post Crossword Answers July 9th 2017

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Clue Solution
Army division unit
Heavenly celestial
Air hero ace
Flower part petal
Washington city tacoma
Amino ____ acid
Loan charge interest
Confederate general lee
Religious dissent heresy
Glorify exalt
Long gun rifle
Furry swimmer otter
Quilting session bee
Courageous bold
Throat-clearing sound ahem
Crude minerals ores
Ice mass berg
Vicinity area
Zest gusto
Toast spread margarine
Farm measure acre
Singer Diana ____ ross
Metallic sound ping
Try endeavor
Dress in wear
Quite a few many
Talking bird parrot
Feel sorry about regret
Logger’s tool axe
Mete out allot
____ Witherspoon of "Walk the Line" reese
Staggers reels
Vocation trade
"Finding ____" nemo
Bakery employee icer
Finest best
MA time zone est
Science rm. lab
Open soda uncap
On cloud ____ nine
Brave person hero
Sister’s daughter niece
Pimples acne
Leave exit
Narrow channel inlet
Quote cite
Huckleberry Finn’s craft raft
Casual shirt tee
Living quarters abode
Southern beauty belle
Massachusetts city salem
Hen’s mate rooster
Shower alternative bath
Enthusiastically eagerly
Cleveland’s waterfront erie
Previously owned used
Scratch mar
Paper quantity ream
Annoying ones pests
Texas town waco
Guy’s date gal
Breath freshener mint
Miscalculates errs
Curious woman of myth pandora
Matures ages
Organize arrange
Spare extra
Cautious leery
Enrage anger
Kid rib
Sly glance leer
Always ever
Wonderland girl alice
Capital of Norway oslo
Not all some
Copenhagen natives danes
School exam test
Horse’s gait trot
Critic Roger ____ ebert
Kite part tail